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 - course on sustainable development!

Uzbekistan is the largest cement producer in the Central Asian region. The country's six large cement plants annually produce over 11 million tons of finished products. In general, cement production in the Republic over the past few years has grown several times.

The largest cement producers in Uzbekistan today are Akhangarancement, Kuvaisaycement, Bekabadcement and Kyzylkumcement.

Bekabadcement JSC together with Kuvaisaycement JSC commissioned the Yangiyul grinding station.


Grinding station “Yangiyul” is intended for grinding clinker produced on a clinker line using the dry method of JSC “Bekabadcement” in Bekabad.

The management of the enterprise identified priorities such as improving energy efficiency, rational use of energy and increasing energy conservation due to continuous improvement of production processes.

These priorities apply to both products and consumers, in the sense that at this grinding station it is planned to produce high-quality cement of at least 500 brands.

The technological equipment of the grinding station allows the production of high-quality cement:

The annual productivity of the grinding station is 1 million tons of cement grade PC500D0 or CEM I 42,5N;

Closed-cycle cement mills with a capacity of 75 tons / hour -2 pcs.;

Packaging line with a capacity of 110 tons / hour;


Benefits of High Quality Cement

Water resistance. Completely dried cement composition becomes waterproof, so structures built with its use do not lose their strength characteristics due to frequent exposure to moisture.

Frost resistance. Cement M500 is suitable for use in regions with harsh climatic conditions. It does not deteriorate due to sudden changes in temperature and can withstand a large number of freezing and thawing cycles. The material is assigned frost resistance class F70.

Strength. Cement structures withstand enormous static loads. This allows you to use the material for the construction of high-rise buildings and load-bearing elements that are subjected to high pressure.

- Composition of components guaranteeing high concrete strength and minimum hardening time

- High resistance to moisture, ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, heat and frost

- Excellent plasticity, comfort in work

- Minimum risk of cracking on a frozen stone

- The use of high-quality cement reduces the cost of finished products by reducing the volume of cement and additional plasticizers.


The entire volume of manufactured products is sold through the exchange trading of UZRTSB from September 16, 2020.


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